We could tell you all day how great we are and it would just be us talking. What you are about to read is what our customers say about us. Our customers are happy. You will be too!

“I used to to H&R Block for years and the last time I went they told me I was going to owe the IRS money (a lot of money) and I got up and left.  I came directly to Thompson & McCarty and have never failed to get great service and the most money back ever.  They are very friendly and I would never go any where else for all my tax service needs.  Thanks Thompson & McCarty, you are doing a VERY GOOD job.  Keep up the good work.”  C Boatright

Barry, The service that you offer is absolutely a life saver. Sandra and I were at our wits end concerned about how deep we had gotten ourselves and honestly, I was overwhelmed. You came to our home and intently helped me get things under control. You completed and filed our 2006 taxes and we feel that you were very aggressive, open and completely legal with your findings. I can’t find anything negative to say against you. Not only are you our tax accountant, but you and your family are our friends. You have given me professional advice and advice as a friend. I don’t think many accountants can attain that degree of wanting to help a client. I’m still inputting receipts and transactions into Quickbooks and as soon as I’m finished, I’ll send it to you. I’m sure I have made some misjudgments as to the proper class etc. We plan to continue to use you for both our businesses and as our personal accountant. We’re delighted.”  L. Hussey

“Barry Thompson is the best accountant in the whole universe! He helped me remember expenses that I forgot about!”R Goodwin”This was the first time I ever used you. I’ll definitely be back! Everyone was real nice and everything was done just like I wanted it.” J Cagle

“Ever since you were by Cullman Times, I’ve used you. You have always done us good!” M Cadle and J Paris

“Things went smooth this year, like a dream. I messed up and used someone else last year, thinking I’d save money. It ended up costing me more. I won’t make that mistake again! I’ll use you from now on.” M and P Bagby

“I’ve used Thompson & Mccarty for about ten years. Y’all have always done me fair. You get me everything back that’s there to get. I’m happy! It’s quick service, I get my money the next day. Who can complain about that?” J Elliot

“My two sons use you guys. We all use you. My oldest son started using you a few years ago, and this is the first year my youngest did. We get in when want to, and it’s good service. We got more this year than expected. My youngest son didn’t think he was going to get anything, but he was surprised. He got everything he paid in.” P Garner

“Everybody is nice and friendly. I like how I get my money the next day. I’ve used you for nine years. You are the only place I’ll use.” A Davis

“I have been using H & R Block for my tax preparation for a number of years and I noticed that my refunds just didn’t seem to be what I expecting. I was discussing it with my brother, who had been telling my how happy he was with Thompson & McCarty. I then received an offer through the mail for a $10 discount on new customers as well as a free review for the last three years and I couldn’t pass up the offer. Well, you guys got me a bigger refund and you even got me some money back from my prior year tax return. Needless to say, I will be back for years to come. Feel free to use this letter for advertising and marketing purposes.” B W Kilgore

“All in all – NO PROBLEMS! You get our return done faster and tend to get us more money back than the other guys. Your preparers always tell us about extra deductions and everything works out just fine.” V and S Hagemore

“For the past 4 years we have used H&R Block. This year we decided that after paying the State every year we would try someone different. We called Thompson & McCarty, CPA. We have 2 children and a low income and should not have to pay. This year we are getting the most back EVER and we don’t have to pay the state in fact we are getting some money back, this is all thanks to Thompson & McCarty. THANKS!”J Thrasher

Now Folks, I want to tell you we are proud of these comments. These are just some of the letters that we have received over the years. We work hard to get the job done right and get you the Biggest Refund allowed by the IRS, get your money back FAST, Give Our Piece of Mind Guarantee, and we Guarantee your satisfaction or you pay nothing! We can not make it less risky to give us a try!Click here to contact us or join our mail list. We will not share or sell your contact information and if you decide you do not want to receive email from us anymore just request to be removed and your wishes will be honored. We will send you timely updates about taxes and save you money!