Tax Preparation

Tax Prep: tax preparation including Individual, Corporate,
Partnership, 5500, Trust, Estates. Sales tax, payroll tax, as well as
many other industry specific statutory filings. Home based businesses
and small corporations are our specialties.

Aggressive Tax Reduction Strategy

Not all tax preparers are created equally. When you
know your personal or business tax liability may be higher than you
would like, immediately working with a tax reduction specialist can
help you protect income from taxes, legally and safely. Take the
guesswork out of tax preparation by working with a CPA firm that knows
the tax law well enough to actually reduce your tax liability without
increasing your audit risk.Preemptive Tax Planning

Tax Planning & Strategy: the way a company times expenses,
purchases, payroll, benefits, asset acquisitions and a host of other
common methods of cash disbursement, decision making, and necessary
business functions, directly impacts the tax liability. Pro-actively
planning to do these things in a manner that avoids unnecessary liability
can save your business substantial money.

Professional Software Consulting and

Software Consulting: working with business software
companies to delivery software-specific accounting support, we can
install, configure and continue maintenance on MAS90, BusinessWorks,
Quickbooks, Peachtree, Keystroke Point of Sale and more. By working
with top-level IT professionals, we offer Network Engineering, Network
Installation, Emergency Systems Recovery, Technology Needs Analysis
as well as On-site Network Analysis for stability and security.

On-site Network Analysis can save your company huge potential
expenses by limiting risks of the unusual but costly system failure and
network melt-down. On-site Network Analysis gives you a plan for recovery
should an accident or ‘crash’ occur. Such customers are given a road-map
of their essential network functions in writing – in a language any
qualified network professional can use, as well as backup procedures
and simplification protocol to guarantee the absolute safest function
for the lowest dollar.

Professional Business Consulting

Business by Numbers: analysis by critical data your books should
reveal to an accounting consultant. Primarily, businesses indicate
loss of profit and efficiency through quality books.

Small town company took a book of business losing
thousands and broke even the following year, through small and
seemingly unimportant price modifications in both service and
product. These changes did not negatively impact sales, yet
simply increased bottom line profits. The expertise that
explained what types of products and services could withstand
the increase came from TMICPA.

Labor-based company changed the way they
dealt with collections and billables. TMICPA consulted them
to take advantage of a vendor’s free software solution that
moved a break-even small business to a bottom-line increase
that transformed the quality of life for its ownership.

Semi-profitable business was in an apparently
stagnant trend. The headaches and hassles of daily business
management had blinded the CEO to certain cash realities in his
business. Once Profit and Loss statements were analyzed and
put to the “Business by Numbers” test, the real potential of
the company was obvious. This information helped the CEO sell
his book of business and contract support for an amount nearly
ten times net profit. He and his shareholders got a check and
he got a much needed vacation.

Business consulting isn’t simply outside opinions about how a
business should be operated and maintained. It brings an outside
perspective from professionals that literally spend all their careers
watching good and bad decisions and their perspective outcomes. Business
owners that follow the guidelines and best business practices delivered
by TMICPA improve their quality of life and bottom lines. Their decisions
become logical and clear and they begin to see through the superstitions
and clearly define good and bad movement in their company. They
practically eliminate surprises and avoid potential pitfalls through
better road-maps for their enterprises.

Full Service Business Accounting

One Price Accounting: although most people and businesses
purchase accounting services strictly on an as-needed basis, this is
the most expensive and least productive way to use a qualified CPA
firm. TMICPA can bring everything to the table: consulting,
preparation, scheduling, paperwork, trend-tracking, reports, banking
records, book-keeping, payroll, tax liability management and the
peace of mind that comes with knowing one firm takes care of
everything. Whatever the needs of the particular individual or
business may be, one fee, paid each month takes care of everything.
It’s just that simple!

Services include General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts
Payable, Payroll, and more.

  • No Surprise Deadlines
  • No Surprise Accounting Invoices
  • Flat Rate Includes Annual Tax Preparation (No More Big Tax
    Preparation Bills)
  • Business Trend Tracking (Know the Trend Before it Becomes a
    Problem or a Missed Opportunity)
  • One Stop Shop for Everything