Make sure we have everything necessary to process your tax return quickly and get you the BIGGEST REFUND Allowed by Law!


Simple tax return list:

  1. Drivers license and SS cards for taxpayer and spouse.
  2. Social Security cards and dates of birth for all dependents as well as taxpayer and spouse.
  3. W-2’s.
  4. If you have a copy, your prior year tax return.
  5. Forms 1099-Misc. Independent Contractor income. Please review the rest of this list to see if anything applies to your tax situation:
  6. All 1099-INT, 1099-DIV, 1099-B, 1099-PATR statements.
  7. Unemployment compensation Form 1098-G (this may vary by state) Bring in whatever form the state uses to report unemployment compensation benefits.
  8. SS-1099 Social Security Benefits Statement.
  9. Mortgage interest statement. (Closing Statement for Refinance)
  10. Real Estate Tax and Personal Property Tax Statements.
  11. Charitable contribution receipts and statements.
  12. Income and Expenses from a business you own.
  13. Basis of stocks sold (what you paid for it [per share]).
  14. Form 8832 or Divorce decree for noncustodial parent claiming a dependent child.
  15. Schedule K-1 from partnership, s-corporation, or a trust.
  16. Rent income and expenses for rental units.
  17. Nonresident Aliens need to bring in their Visa and Passport and any work authorization documentation.
  18. Estimated tax payment amounts.
  19. Alimony paid and received.
  20. 1099-R – Pension and Annuity income.
  21. Royalty amounts.
  22. Housing allowance amounts (for clergy or ministers).
  23. Stock Appreciation Rights (stock options).
  24. Medical, business, and charitable mileage.
  25. Any form that says “Do not throw away, Tax Document”.
  26. Educational expense payments for you, your spouse, or dependents including Student Loan Interest.
  27. If you purchase a home the closing document.
  28. If you purchased a car the bill of sale (need the sales tax).