Audit Pass

$2500-5000 Tax, Penalty, and Fee Coverage, Plus Pre-Paid Representation Options

The IRS (Audit) Pass [tm] intervention takes you out of the pressure cooker and gives you necessary response time. You need to answer questions with some forethought and council instead of blurting out answers that give the Service new ammunition against you. If the IRS is convinced that you owe them more money, an appropriate answer is to tell them you dispute their claim. Often, this is a simple process that can save you money and harassment. Additionally, you should be careful not to inform the IRS, inadvertently, how to begin collecting the money you don’t agree you owe. This is why professional representation is essential!

Never Go to an Audit Alone, and Never Talk to the IRS Without Professional Consultation!
Only a dumb client acts as his own lawyer in a law suit, and only suckers deal with the IRS alone! You should never go to an audit alone, or accompany your representative, unless the IRS requires your presence! The only GOOD you can do at an audit is GOOD for the IRS, NOT YOU! Your representative can not truly answer all the questions and therefore must make a list and discuss the issues with you. This takes you out of the pressure cooker and allows your time to answer the tough questions with some fore thought instead of blurting out answers that give the Service new areas to look for underpayment of taxes. IT JUST MAKES SENSE! My mother always told me not to talk to strangers! You should take this to heart. When the IRS asks questions they are trained to hear new opportunities to collect more tax! We can take care of this so you don’t have to worry!

Call the office today, schedule an appointment, bring in the last three years returns for a free review, and we’ll even help you file for money uncollected if there’s some available. If your returns meet our requirements, we’ll offer you $2500-5000 coverage against taxes, fees, or penalties should the IRS ever audit you and find you owing more than you’ve payed. But, better than that… we’ll represent you and you can usually avoid the hassles of dealing with the IRS or it agents directly.

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